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Hello DFW!

Agent Terrie is looking forward to meeting with you.

Please follow the instructions below for consideration of your manuscript.

About Us
We proudly seek, represent, and manage the tellers and the tales, those who dare, those who share, and those who empower with words and pictures. We believe in the representation of all authors and are searching for works that establish, enlighten, and entertain through thoughtful and thorough reflection, transparency, clarity, and honesty. We believe that words matter. We hold fast to the understanding that well-written works are the most powerful forces in the universe.
Please read before forwarding your submission.

Things to Know
We represent a variety of debut and bestselling authors and their projects.

Notes Regarding Proper Submission
- In the following document, you will be asked to provide your query, short synopsis, and the first requested pages of your work. Please include complete chapters rather than stopping mid-chapter. We believe in following rules but don't want to be left hanging on page 50 if your chapter goes to page 55. Likewise, if your chapter stops at page 48, you need not rewrite it quite yet.
- Your manuscript, or sample pages, should be formatted in 12-point Times New Roman for readability.
- Your manuscript should be double-spaced.
- Your synopsis and supporting materials may be single-spaced.  The synopsis need not be fancy but should provide an idea of your story's path. It should run somewhere between 250 - 500 (or so) words.
- You will be asked to provide contact information such as phone, email, social media handles, and blog/site address. If we can't get in touch, your submission will be subject to rejection. We promise not to sell your private information and will consider your entire submission a confidential document.
- Please understand that failure to follow submission guidelines may result in automatic rejection.
- We will respond to your submission as quickly as possible, but if you haven't heard from us after a month from the date of your submission, please feel free to contact us.

Place your Synopsis, Manuscript, and Contact information into one file for upload.
Please note the accepted digital document forms. File extensions: Documents:                                .doc, .docx                              
Best wishes to you.  We look forward to reading your work and thank you for your consideration. Write well.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.