AKA Literary Management

We currently represent

Commercial Fiction 

  • Mysteries & Thrillers (except techno-thriller)
  • Romance 
  • Women’s Fiction 


  • Animals
  • Adventure and Travel
  • Biography
  • Cookery and Cookbooks
  • Empowerment aka Inspirational 
  • Gardening
  • Gift Books
  • Lifestyle
  • Memoir 
  • Popular Culture 

We currently do not represent 

  • Erotica 
  • Horror 
  • Poetry 
  • Science Fiction 

On a limited basis, we represent

  • Children's Books (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Young Adult (fiction and non-fiction)
  • History/Historical 
  • Health 

We encourage you to follow and interact on Twitter: @AKA_Lit and @AKA_Terrie. We often post notes about what we're reading, thoughts about what we've pulled from the slush pile, updates, and hints for authors.

You can also find us on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/AKAManagement

Because we read every submission, our read time is ten to twelve weeks. Please note that during conference season (May - August), we may need an extension. We accept the following documents for submissions:

Documents:                                .doc, .docx, .rtf

Images:                                      .jpg, .png

Other:                                         .ppt, .pptx

PDF files are not acceptable. 

 -- Please follow the directions for submissions provided per category. --

Thank you for meeting with us during ThrillerFest 2020! While other works caught our eye, yours rocked our socks. Without further ado, take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back. You've earned it.

Remember, this area is solely for ThrillerFest 2021 and the events surrounding it including ConsultFest and PitchFest 2021. We proudly seek, represent, and manage the tellers and the tales, those who dare, those who share, and those who empower with words and pictures. We encourage BIPOC and underrepresented authors and works that define, establish, and direct through thoughtful and thorough reflection, transparency, clarity, and honesty.

During your consultation and/or pitch, you were given distinct instructions. Further, please answer these three questions within your cover letter:

1.) My manuscript can be compared to _____________.

2.) My manuscript differs from __________ because ____________.

3.) Please provide several forms of contact such as phone, email, Twitter and blog address. If we can't get in touch, your submission will be subject to rejection. Please note:

  • Please include a 250-500 word synopsis.
  • If applicable, please include a list of credentials you have acquired: awards, endorsements, and prior publications.
  • If you're completely new to the publishing industry, it is perfectly honorable to say as much. We all have to start somewhere! If that's the case, help us understand why you would like to work with us. Terrie has been known to get into l-o-n-g discussions on social media and at conferences, so remind her of the chat you had. She'll remember.
  • Note that your submission should be formatted in 12 point Times New Roman for readability. Double Spaced. Your synopsis and supporting materials may be single spaced.
  • Thank you for following the directions as failure to follow submission guidelines may result in automatic rejection.
  • Questions? Send a note to: submissions at aka literary.com - once you've made submission, you're welcome to correspond via the "messages" feature herewith.
  • If you have another project you would like us to consider, we encourage you to submit via Submittable OR QueryTracker - not both! However, we are currently accepting submissions related to ThrillerFest - ONLY. So, we appreciate your patience as we clear the decks in time for you to submit those other items at a later date.

Please note the accepted digital document forms.

File extensions:

Documents:                                .doc, .docx, .rtf

Images:                                      .jpg, .png

Other:                                         .ppt, .pptx

PDF is not accepted.

Best wishes to you, we look forward to reading your work, and we thank you for your consideration. Write well.


You. Have. Arrived. Now we want to make sure the world is aware of you, your literary genius, and our affiliation. We think you rock, and we believe there are worse things than being considered a legend in your own time. But, like all great moments in history, your status and rise to fame and glory probably didn't and won't happen over night. That's okay. We have a plan.

About the time you get to the "Few More Things" section, you'll be thinking, "Coffee or tea, really?" I know, people wonder if editors care about such nonsense. You would be surprised at how shy editors can be. Icebreakers are important and we're all about doing what it takes to get you closer to where you need to be. Communication is key and can only help with successful negotiations now and in the future. 

How did the bio come about, you ask? Well, editors like to know about manuscripts and the authors behind them but it's deeper than that. I don’t simply email a sentence or two about the manuscript or a few pages to a given editor. The process is sort of a dance and I admit that I'm a flirt. I enjoy enticing editors with snippits of info regarding a given author or the concept of a project, and then I almost giggle as I follow up with supporting points and material. It's so much fun when editors catch hold of a project and want to know more about an author because they have shared interests or grew up near one another, or because the editor simply adores the way those words rattle around in her head. Sometimes, it’s a little like running a matchmaking service, and that’s fine with me. After all, our goal is to help you and your work find your ideal placement. 

Did I forget to tell you that we're stage moms around here? We are. We're mannerly, but but we've been known to do what it takes to cover the necessary territory, and this list of questions is a mish-mash of bio question sheets used by industry pros who know how to open proverbial doors. So, while this little exercise in authorly and project exploratoin may take a few minutes, we think the results will be well worth your time. We want everyone to know you including organizers and participants of book tours, book blogs, conventions, speaking events relevant to your project (if you like that kind of thing), and the guy who sets up the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Maybe you haven't thought about your balloon or how it (and you) might  find a place in that line up, but we have. And, don't even get us started on Super Bowl Half-time events! If George R. R. Martin can get offered a spot, so can you.

Let's hop to it, and thanks for taking this next step on our journey. You're about to invest in our shared vision of your success. I suggest you pull out your favorite hair brush aka microphone and practice up for your first albeit faux interview with The View, NPR, CBS This Morning, or The Source...or your local newspaper. The idea, my dear, is to believe in yourself. Shine so that I might sense the dazzle as I read your responses. And, have fun! 

If you do this well (wait...of course you'll do this well!), once we pen the deal of the century you'll be required to complete your publisher's bio. The word that comes to mind for what they'll request is "cakewalk" seeing as the AKA Bio has already been (lovingly) nicknamed the "War and Peace" of the bio sheet world. All joking aside, this thing will afford you a little practice, and your answers will be readily accessible for that future event. Sneaky, eh?

Now, a few simple instructions: As you go through the questions, simply place an "x" in the boxes of those that don't apply to your project. This will allow you to move forward to the next question. If you have more than one project (and any time you submit a project), simply go back into Submittable and begin a new project sheet with a new title for each given project. Fill in the relevant information for that project only, (the personal and "Nitty Gritty" info sections are most likely to need an update). Finally, once you touch that last "send" key, you'll receive a notice of receipt at the email address you provided.

If Submittable isn't for you, simply download the form and send it as a Word doc straight to my in box (terrie@akaliterary.com). 





AKA Literary Management