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We currently represent

Adult Fiction 

  • Action Adventure
  • Faith / Inspirational
  • Family Saga
  • Historical Fiction 
  • Horror / Paranormal
  • Mystery / Thriller / Crime
  • Regional (Southern / Western) Saga
  • Romance 
  • Women’s Fiction 

Adult Non-Fiction 

  • Animals
  • Adventure and Travel
  • Biography
  • Cookery and Cookbooks
  • Empowerment / Inspirational 
  • Gardening
  • Gift Books
  • Lifestyle
  • Memoir 
  • Popular Culture 

Children's (Fiction and Non-Fiction

  • Board Books 
  • Picture Books 
  • Middle Grade 
  • Young Adult

We currently do not represent 

  • Erotica 
  • Horror 
  • Poetry 
  • Science Fiction 

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You can also find us on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/AKAManagement

We read every submission. Our read time is six to eight weeks. We accept the following documents for submissions:

Documents:                                .doc, .docx, .rtf

Images:                                      .jpg, .png

Other:                                         .ppt, .pptx

PDF files are not acceptable. 

 -- Please follow the directions for submissions provided per category. --

For one tiny moment, breathe in, then as you exhale, say, "I have arrived." Yep! It's true, and it's time we make sure the world is aware of you, your literary genius, and our affiliation. We think you rock, and we believe there are worse things than being considered a legend in your own time. But, like all great moments in history, your status and rise to fame and glory took, and will continue to take some work. That's okay. We have a plan. 

Our collaboration efforts are only as effective as our equal dedication, so I'm asking you to spend a little time helping me introduce you to every editorial contact who ought to know your name and your work. Before you sit down to get started, I'll warn you that this little exercise will take a minute, and about the time you get to the "Few More Things" section, you'll be ready to holler at me. You'll say something out loud like, "Coffee or tea? Who cares which one I like the best?"

Well, dear one, I do. I know editors, and you might be surprised at how shy and inquisitive they can be. Icebreakers are essential, and AKALM is all about doing what it takes to get you closer to where you need to be. Communication is vital and can only help with successful negotiations now and in the future. 

How did the bio come about, you ask? Well, editors like to know about manuscripts and the authors behind them, but it's deeper than that. I don't simply email a sentence or two about the manuscript or a few pages to a given editor. The process is sort of a dance, and yes, I admit that I may be a little bit of a flirt. I enjoy enticing editors with snippets of info regarding the delicious projects I represent. Then, I almost giggle as I follow up with supporting points and material.

It's so fun when an editor shows interest in a project, then likes it all the more because they click with the person featured in the author bio, or with something I've mentioned about the author. Sometimes, it's a little like running a matchmaking service, and that's fine with me. After all, our agency goal is to help you and your work find your best possible placement. It's almost romantic and yes, I'm in search of your "happily ever after" because that's my happy place too!

Now, we've been accused of acting a little like stage moms around here. We are. We're mannerly, but we do what it takes to cover the necessary territory, and this list of questions is a mish-mash of bio question sheets that I've collected from the places who do it best. They know how to garner the attention necessary, and use it wisely. So, while this little exercise in author and project exploration may take a bit of time, we think the results will be well worth the effort. We want everyone to know you, including organizers and participants of book tours, book blogs, book events and conventions, speaking events relevant to your project, and the coordinators for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

Maybe you haven't thought about your project's balloon or float or how it (and you) might find a place in that lineup, but we have. And, don't even get us started on Super Bowl and Indy 500! If George R. R. Martin and The Weeknd can get offered exclusive spots, so can you.

Let's hop to it, and thanks for taking this next step on our journey. I suggest you pull out your favorite hairbrush, aka microphone, and practice up for your first "interview" with NPR, CBS Mornings, Oprah, or that reporter from your local newspaper. Remember to sit up both feet planted firmly, and perhaps a nice cup of, oh, was it tea or coffee? At this point, I'll let you choose the beverage. 

The idea, my dear, is to believe in yourself. Shine so that I might sense the sparkle as I read your responses. And, have fun! Remember, once we pen the deal of the century, you'll be required to complete your publisher's bio. The word that comes to mind for what they'll request is "cakewalk" since the AKA Bio Sheet has already been (lovingly) nicknamed the "War and Peace" of the bio sheet world. This thing will afford you a little practice, and your answers will be readily accessible since we'll both have a copy. Sneaky, eh? Now, a few simple instructions:

  • Please answer questions thoroughly.
  • Every represented work requires a bio sheet.
  • Subsequent projects need a new sheet, but you can place an "x" in the boxes that don't apply. Thus, complete the "personal" and "Nitty Gritty" info, then place an "x" in less relevant boxes. For example, you probably won't change from Coffee if you're a tea drinker.
  • Once you hit the "send" key, you'll receive a notice of receipt at the email address provided. If Submittable isn't for you, download the form and send it as a Word doc straight to my inbox (terrie@akaliterary.com). Always, Terrie



AKA Literary Management